Friday, June 13, 2014

Piggn' out!

No, I'm not talking about that lovely pizza we got the other night.  I'm not even talking about the two huge steaks we got at Sam's Club yesterday.  No, this is something different.

I was driving into town when what should I see but a couple of pot-belly pigs.  Apparently they had decided to go 'walkabout'.  I wasn't doing much so I stopped and they came to me!  They were still kind of damp with mud so I figured they must live in one of the houses along the street.  No answer at the first house.  The guy at the second house denied all knowledge of pigs.  No answer at the third house.  About this time I decided I needed Animal Control.  Here are my two little buddies.

A guy came along and I flagged him down hoping he might have an idea.  He did.  He knew of a family that had quite a few animals and volunteered to go ask if they were missing pigs.  He returned in a few minutes with the news that they weren't missing any animals.  About this time my phone rings, it is Animal Control saying their truck should be at my location in five minutes or so. 

Just about then a car pulled up to the house across the street.  A boy jumped out and started running over to me and the pigs.  Happily I was able to tell Animal Control that the mystery was solved and they needn't respond.  I think the Animal Control lady was as happy as I was.  Pigs might have been a little different for them but sometimes you don't need different. 

The boy got a little food and the pigs decided they had a new best friend.  I found them cute and pretty friendly but let's just say I was sure glad to see that kid! 

My big errand that had me out on the street this morning was to buy some stuff for the VFW Food Bank.  We have plenty of vets out here who need help.  Some live up on the side of the mountain in old trailers, vans and even tents.  They may be a little crazy but they need to eat.  We like dropping some food off every now and then.  The Food Bank requests things that don't require a can opener; even things that don't require cooking!  What can you say besides heartbreaking?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good one.

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