Thursday, June 05, 2014

Sheriff Election continued!

Ok so last time I told you about how the guy I really thought would be the best candidate managed to screw things up by ripping up signs that were rude about him.  That's stupid and, of course, illegal.  However it's only the start of the story.  The guy who put the signs up was watching them being pulled out of the ground.  He even filmed the candidate pull the darn thing up!  Jeez.  Then he called a detective that he apparently knows and likes.  This detective and FIVE other deputies show up and ARREST their fellow cop.  Apparently it wasn't a calm arrest, there is some discussion about guns being drawn!

Did I  mention that the current sheriff was out of the country on vacation so the guy being arrested is in charge during his absence?  Honestly, you can't dream this stuff up!  So the next week, those six deputies and one other apply for paid 'Stress Leave'.  Apparently arresting your boss then having to go to work with him the next day is stressful.  Hmmm, maybe they should have thought about all that before the made the arrest so showy. 

So now we have seven deputies out on stress leave.  What do you think they are doing?  Resting?  Talking with a doctor?  Maybe a shrink?  Naw, at least three of them are out CAMPAIGNING against the guy they arrested.  Really?  I'm basically at a loss for words.  What a bunch of idiots. 

Other than all THAT it's being pretty quiet around here.  We are into the low 100's (39C) which is pretty normal for this time of year.  We are walking early in the morning, like 06:30, to avoid the heat.  By 09:00 I'd be pretty sweaty after the first half mile.  The bbq gets plenty of use as well because heating up the house just seems wrong.  Besides, who doesn't like bbq? 

Here's hoping that things aren't quite as crazy where you are! 

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