Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm Back

Well, I'm in a much better mood than in my last post.  I've discovered all I have to do is ignore everything going on in the human world and it's all better!

As proof of my new theory I offer this.  My wife turned on Fox News this a.m. - that would be Fox 5 Vegas.  I swear their 'news' was 60% feel-good crap and 40% someone shot someone else.  They are ignoring every piece of news except what happens here in the valley.  In their defense they do claim to deliver local news; not national or international.  I guess it's just the wrong channel for me.

One of the local news stories that I AM following is recreational marijuana.  It is set to be legalized on January 1 however somehow the government decided to try an 'early start' to sales and that begins July 1.  Medical marijuana dispensaries are going to sell the recreational stuff as well.  So the local dealers are all crazed about the prospect of a five or ten-fold increase in customers.  I sure would be!  We are certain to give it a try.  I smoked a little about 40 years ago but never made it a part of life.  My wife is an ex-cigarette smoker so you can bet we won't be smoking any but who could say no to a brownie?  I'm sure I'll report on it when we finally give it a shot.

We are getting up with the sun these days so we can take our walk.  It's about 2.5 miles and we don't hurry.  I joke that I'm doing it for our Neighborhood Watch but it's really just our daily exercise.  Mostly we look for wildlife which means bunnies, Jack rabbits, quail and today, coyotes.  Today while walking we met 2 pickup trucks and there was a scooter that crossed the street behind us.  That's representative of our 'traffic' out here.  Of course it was 06:00 so it is really just a couple of people going to work.  I took this photo of our shadows the other day. 

That's life in the fast lane for today.  Hope things are going well for you.  Thanks for stopping by.

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