Sunday, January 14, 2018

Another day; another stupid remark

So it wasn't yesterday but Mr. Trump certainly managed once again to make a fool of himself.  This time he's explaining how he doesn't want immigrants from 'sh*thole' countries.  What a delightful fellow he must be in real life.  I read somewhere that people shouldn't just read things they agree with but should read other viewpoints.  One of the suggestions was that liberals should check out conservative, but responsible, news outlets like the National Review.  Well, I haven't heard of the National Review since Mr. Buckley was the editor but I thought it worth a try.  So what was the lead article this morning?  "Donald Trump the Porn President." 

To quote from the article.  "Stung by Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, Trump held an open negotiation on immigration with congressional leaders in order to showcase his executive mettle — and then went on to provide a slow day’s worth of headlines when he voiced his contempt for tropical “s**tholes” and their would-be emigrants.

Scatapalooza was a fun news cycle, but it immediately was surpassed by pornapalooza."
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'Pornapalooza' was their name for the claims that Mr. Trump paid a porn star $130,000 to keep quiet about him having an affair with her.  It was really rather fun reading their take on the Pres.  They point out that he's never been shy about  public affairs and has actually bragged about them; even in his own book.  The article goes on to discuss con artists and, while they don't actually call the President one, the author comes close making it sound almost acceptable.  Well, I guess to some people it is acceptable but not to me.  I would much prefer a President who could at least sometimes sound like the leader of the free world.  For that matter, I would prefer a President, unlike Mr. Clinton, could keep it in his pants much less brag about it.  Mr. Obama keeps looking better and better.

In happier news, we have had rain!  The last time it rained was September 12 when we got .01 inch. has just over an inch of rain in Mercury, Nevada on the 8th and 9th - the closest station that they have to Pahrump.  Since our annual average is about 5 inches; we're doing good!  To make it even better, there was no flooding.  Yep, sometimes we get flooding.  The rain comes down off the mountain and picks up some dirt and rocks that it deposits mostly on roads!  Actually, we are required by our lender to have flood insurance on our house.  Unusual I would have thought for a home in the desert.  

Ok, I'm going to quit whining.  2018 is upon us so I may as well learn to like it.  Have a good one!

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