Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

For once my wife and I actually saw the new year in - awake!  We weren't even particularly drunk.  Went outside to see if our town had any fireworks and they did but it was pretty chilly so we decided to go back inside to watch the ones from Las Vegas on the tv.  Still, I imagine I was in bed by 00:10.  It was a long day but pretty good.

Our little town has been blessed with a French bakery.  They make a really nice flute (short baguette) and some amazing desserts.  We had some of each for our celebratory dinner.  I wish them luck staying in business in this little place.  It cannot be easy.

My thoughts for 2018 are definitely mixed.  I'm hearing uncomfortable things about the economy.  I detest the idiot we have for President.  Discussions about war against North Korea are frightening to say the least.  Everyday violence seems to be an every day thing and not just in this country.  Maybe I'm paying too much attention to the news.

In contrast to my fears related in the previous paragraph  my hopes are quite different.  I'd like to wish everyone peace, joy and prosperity.  Happy New Year!

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Croft said...

And a very happy New Year to the two of you! We stayed home by ourselves last night and watcher the ball drop in New York and then the fireworks in Vancouver harbor at local midnight. And that was it. Here's hopes for many adventures for you guys in the coming year!