Friday, October 28, 2005

Bah Humbug!

Another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Well, actually it was fine. Wifie spent the day doing stuff on Quicken. I surfed more than my fair share but I also did some investment stuff, went to the store & got stuff for dinner, vacuumed the house and did most of 3 loads of clothes (wifie did take some stuff out of one load of the dryer). We shared doing dinner. It was much better than yesterday.

I'm not going to make this into a rant about my wife because it is as much my fault as hers. Sometimes we start drinking wine and just don't stop in time. We are both very responsible and somehow manage to take care of our obligations but there are other times when we drink to excess. Yesterday was one of those times. After a productive morning, we went out by the pool at lunch and got blitzed. That was just what happened. Then, after a short nap, life resumed. It bothers us both but it keeps us sane and keeps us going.

Life in the fast lane, huh!

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