Monday, October 24, 2005

Good bye Wilma!

The Tampa Bay area was lucky again and Wilma went down and hurt folks in South Florida. Thanks, Cinn, for your good thoughts. It makes you feel a little guilty at your good luck when the hurricane goes and hurts others. The disaster relief donations must be getting tough to get. It seems like the whole summer has been one thing after another. (Yes, it's still summer down here!) One of my neighbors is a cop and he is going down south to help with the policing effort. After all, the cops down there have families to care for just like everyone else.

We are having a lot of trouble dealing with my mother-in-laws illness. Last December she was still driving around in her little truck, going to bingo and the dog track. Now she is on 5 liters of oxygen, has 8 or 10 prescriptions including 2 for pain relief, and has hospice coming to see her almost every day. She is considering quitting taking the newspaper because the Sunday paper is too heavy for her to lift! She and my wife are both depressed and, of course, it is catching just like the flu. I spend more and more time on the net escaping. I'm hoping that the hospice councilor can help with the depression. For me, I'm going to go exercise. That always makes me feel better.

Have a good one!

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Cinnamon said...

With so much weighing you all down, good for you to make a healthy choice like working out! Very smart move. Getting out and being around other people will help you shake it off, at least for a few hours,I'm sure.

I hope the hospice workers have some good ideas.