Saturday, June 20, 2009


Someone suggested that I provide an RSS feed. I'd love to but I keep going around in circles trying to manage it. Can anyone tell me in REALLY SIMPLE WORDS what I need to do? Whatever Blogger is telling me just isn't working for me.

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Raven said...

Hi Don,

A mutual friend/reader Croft directed me to your post.

Go to

It's a Google service, so you can log on with whatever info you use to log onto Blogger.

Once you log in, you should be directed to a page where you can type in your blog address.

You'll then be given a choice between an Atom and an RSS feed. Choose the latter.

The next screen will let you choose a feed name (default for mine was my blog name, so I didn't change anything on this screen).

The next couple of screens will give you some options as to what your feed can track. Just keep hitting next until you get to the screen that says "Your feed is ready for the world. Now what?"

There are TABS at the top of that page. Click on PUBLICIZE.

Click on the link "friendly graphic."

You will then be given a choice of graphics and text for advertising your feed. I recommend one of the first three. Clicking on the radio button next to one of them will display HTML at the very bottom of the page. Scroll down, highlight the HTML and copy it to the clip board.

In another browser window or tab, go to your blog dashboard and paste the feed code where you want it (eg. in a sidebar).

Sounds like a lot, but it's pretty simple. If you're remotely comfortable with Blogger, you shouldn't have any problems. Please email me (link on my blog) if you get stuck!