Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another week!!!

Jeez, guess I just don't have a good sense of time. I see my last post was last Sunday - a mere four hours away from a week ago! Sorry about that.

Not a lot happening around here. Went to Vegas last Wednesday to order a cover for the back of the truck. You have to be careful because there are lots of options but I think we got it ordered correctly. I'll probably post a photo once we get the thing (in a couple of weeks). We also wandered around looking at the Strip. Our twenty-fifth anniversary is coming up and we hope to celebrate with the kids in Las Vegas. We've got reservations for dinner & a hotel but have never seen either so thought it might be worth checking out. It should be ok; one of our daughter's friends recommended the restaurant so we have some hope. Finally we went and spent money on various "necessities" at Sams Club.

One of the things we brought home from Sams was some shelving for the garage. We've had all the garage "stuff" lying around on the floor so now we have a place for it. Earlier in the week I bought some lumber from our local supplier to make into a workbench. Looked at a bunch of plans online and kind of sorted out what I want and have started building it. Nothing fancy just big with lots of storage.

We did meet the folks who live just down the street. Nice couple a few years older than we but not ancient. Turns out they have another home in Ocala, Florida - maybe a hundred and fifty miles from our old home. I've NO IDEA why they have two homes 2,300 miles (3,700km) apart - it's not like the climates are so different; not like Maine and Florida. Maybe I need to learn about these strange choices; just a matter of interest - I'd never tell anyone they were acting stupidly. (Think it, yeah, right!)

Next week should be equally uninteresting. More work on the workbench; reading my library book, etc. Have a great week but be careful, it's dangerous out there!


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Was the strip totally deserted? I hear Las Vegas is practically a ghost town now. And happy anniversary!

Lee said...