Monday, June 08, 2009

Trip out of Pahrump

I've finally driven up the mountain side on a gravel road known as Wheeler Pass Road. I suppose there is a pass up there somewhere but I didn't get there. I only went about 10 miles (16km) and turned around. It was really very nice but I need to remember that I'm retired and don't need to go up there on the weekend! Got tired of eating the dust from the various motorcycles and four-wheelers. At least you could see from the dust that someone was coming long before they showed up.

First we have a Joshua tree; there were a lot of them but this guy is pretty large:

Then a bit of a view - I liked the way the trees look against the blue sky:

Finally a view of the amazing striations of the rock in the mountain. Pahrump valley is in the distance.

Have a good one but be careful, it's dangerous out there!

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