Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost the new year...

It's late in the evening of 29 December 2009.  Not the greatest of years but certainly not the worst. 

Thankfully we now have a President who seems to cherish peace above war; now he just needs to figure out how to make that happen.  I'm not very realistic; I'd just tell everyone that we were leaving and about a week later it would be a fact.  Can't do that in the real world, I know, but I'd sure like to try it.  Blow up about $10B worth of shit so it would only be good for scrap metal and "see ya". 

Actually, I think that would be almost the best thing we could do.  Over on Lee's religious blog he talked about why he wasn't surprised about the guy who tried to blow up a plane on Xmas.  It really made sense to me - check it out:  http://theeggbox.blogspot.com/2009/12/why-am-i-not-surprised.html 

We, I mean the U.S., are treating this like a 'police action' but that's not what the Arabs think it is, they think it's a Christian invasion of their lands.  Isn't that obvious to anyone open to a thought?  Jesus A Fucking Christ, that asshole fundamentalist Christian G. W. Bush has gotten us into one war that has, to almost anyone, limited viability; one war that has none at all; and has us on the edge of invading yet another Arab country - this time for no reason whatsover except that they might actually use nuclear energy for... electricity!  When are we going to be rid of the legacy of GWB?  My guess is in about 150 years.  What an asshole.  I only hope that he goes out and digs a big hole in the Texas dirt and holding Dick Chaney in his arms, is struck by lightning and they fall into the hole, dead, becoming part of our nation physically!  After all, isn't "dirt to dirt" part of their belief system?  And if they are right and there is a God, I'm pretty sure they'll both be shoveling coal for a LONG TIME.

Yah, I'm gonna quit this joyous if unlikely line.  Have a wonderful New Year if I don't get back. 

I have seen war.... I hate war.  Sam Rayburn

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