Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and all that jazz.....

Haven't blogged in a while; not because nothing happened but because I was a lazy sod.  Yeah, I know, what's new about that!  We've been having weather in the valley.  It has rained a couple of days; we are probably well on our way to that 4 inches (10 cm) that we are supposed to get.  There were snow flurries one day as well but nothing else that stuck. 

Went to Vegas a couple of times doing the Xmas present thing.  I do like buying things for people; maybe I should just start doing it because I like it.  It would certainly make people wonder what I was up to!  The pass was clear both times but the sanding trucks were out so I need to get the car washed.  Don't you just love a white car?

My wife and I agreed that we've been spending money like drunken sailors so we'd take it easy on Xmas.  We went out together and bought each other a couple of things to put under the tree - useful stuff, like shirts that we actually like.  LOL  It worked pretty well I think so maybe we'll have to try it again next year.  I did sneak in a surprise present for her but that's just for fun. 

Our daughter will be here (from Vegas) but that's the Xmas party.  Son & his lady can't make it; maybe next year but I'm not holding my breath.  They seem to have a good relationship and enjoy being alone.  If that works for them, that's all that is important.  Daughter doesn't have a guy in her life right now so being with us works for her.  Therefore, it works for us all.  She is planning on staying two nights; we'll see if she can stand being with us that long! 

Xmas eve is Mexican night (in honor of my father-in-law) around here.  Enchiladas and margaritas will be the order of the day.  Xmas is ham.  Bought a nice pinot noir to go with it.  We looked around for a prime rib but finding prime is difficult.  The markets have choice grade but not prime so we decided to skip it.  We have a good recipe for the ham, it's easy to find and reliable.  Who needs more stress at this time of year. 

Next week it a time to do some rebalancing in the portfolio.  It's been quite a year for the markets.  I'm thinking of shifting a bit more into bonds if I can find a good fund.  Some of the fund managers seem to be even more inept than I am!  I'm keeping more money in stocks than most advisors would suggest but I think that I'm looking at a 30 year retirement (ok, I'm being optimistic about living that long but why not?) and going into fixed income is just a recipe for being really poor when I'm over 80.  Who wants that?

Gotta go.  Have a Merry Christmas and try to stay out of trouble!

"At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year."
Thomas Tusser

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