Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Went over the hump to the big city today.  Nothing very important, just getting some supplies for our trip to Florida next month.  We are probably kind of weird travellers; we start late in the day and stop early so don't make a lot of miles per day.  It's 2,500 miles (4000+ km) to our Florida destination and should take us 6 to 8 days.  After we've been traveling for a few days, we need a break so we stay a couple nights.  We are also pretty lazy after being in the truck all day so we like to have something for dinner that's not difficult.  A big tupperware of chili and some salad stuff springs to mind.  We also eat a lot more Pizza Hut when we are on the road!

In actuality, we were making our usual monthly run to Sam's Club - buying kitty litter, dog biscuits & stuff like that.  We also read of an antenna you can make with a wifi adapter that is supposed to improve your reception in rv parks  (Escapee's magazine):  needed a long USB cable and don't have time to get one from the internet.  We can also check out the big city supermarkets where the cheese selection is better; the liquor stores, etc.  I'm hardly surprised about the lack of fine cheeses & meats here; after all, I was born in Iowa where pepper jack cheese is considered kind of out there!  I do find it slightly odd that we don't have a real liquor store here in town; the supermarkets & one of the drug stores sell liquor but it's a sideline.  When the new beaujolais nouveau came out this year we had to go to Vegas to get a couple of bottles.  

The remainder of the week will be more trip prep.  We need to get the trailer out of it's nice new shed and get it cleaned and prepped.  It's too cold to fill the water tank; we'll save that for the last moment but getting a nice coat of Protectall on the poor thing will save us lots of trouble down the road.  So, I'm slated for a bunch of "trailer housework".  It's late and I've gotta go.  I hope you are all having a good 2010; it's almost a twelve'th gone!

"I were it were bed-time, Hal, and all well."  Shakespeare Henry Iv, Part I


艾維兒 said...

April showers bring May flowers. .........................................

savannah said...

i hope florida is a tad warmer by the time y'all get there, sugar! xoxox