Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow, already the 10th!

Here we go on another year; hell, it will be November before we know it!  Anyway, let's enjoy the ride! 

Our daughter gave us a present of "The Lion King" in Vegas for Xmas and yesterday was the day.  It is a GREAT show; excellent presentation of a difficult story.  The people responsible for the presentation deserve all the kudos they've received and the actors were wonderful.  The people watching was certainly up to Vegas Style; very amazing!  Even driving up Las Vegas Boulevard was good; that's where the famous sign is and there were plenty of folks there having their photos taken. 

Otherwise we are quiet in Pahrump.  There is some desire to remove our senator and I'm of two minds.  Having a senator with seniority is good for his state BUT I'm not all that sure what he is doing is the best for the country.  I think term limits sounds good but limiting the benefits of those serving is more important!  Less likely too!  Life in the fast  lane, huh.

The town is more crowded than usual but it's because of all the tourists.  The rv parks associated with the casinos are almost full so the casinos should be happy.  There are often a few folks parked overnight in the Walmart lot; it's ok here especially since it's 2 blocks to the desert where everything is free.  As you know,  the town has quite a few streets platted out that are no more than gravel trails in the desert; people own lots out there and why shouldn't they park their rv there?  It's hard to tell who is on a lot they own and who is just hunkered down and who the hell cares anyway! 

Gotta admit, I gave away our snow shovel when we left Florida.  Hope you don't really need one wherever you are!  Happy days!

There is no more mistaken path to happiness than worldliness, revelry, high life.  Arthur Schopenauer

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