Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sorry for the absence but I've been long gone.  We headed off to San Diego to visit our son last Wednesday.  It was a too-quick trip; leaving on the Saturday.  We drove to Las Vegas on Sunday; then spend Monday and Tuesday in the city; to come home on Wednesday.  In retrospect it was way too short a time but what do I know! 

Got to visit Point Loma; the site of a famous lighthouse and hear a lot of Navy activity.  My wife's family has been in the Navy for generations so she's loving that.  My dad was in the Navy in WWII that's my only connection.  It was fun looking at the lighthouse though and thinking of those poor people who were at that time a day's travel from San Diego. We did get to take our son & his SO out to dinner; they chose a steakhouse that's been around for a while  Perhaps, too long.  Anyway, everyone else had a good experience and my steak was at least ok. 

The approximately 350 mile trip there and back would take 70 gallons of diesel at $3 a gallon.  The campground was $27 a night so the whole thing was in the $300 range.  My wife will have exact figures later but that's pretty close.

The reason for returning to Las Vegas rather than here was twofold:  my wife needed shopping time for the cruise she is taking with our daughter and I had an appointment for my colonoscopy.  The wife managed to do great with shopping; unusual for her as I have mentioned before, and the doctor was ok except for the amount of laxative he prescribed for me to have before my procedure.  Yeah, I know; it's gotta be drunk but it is still a real experience.

Went to dinner with our daughter to a fish place:  King's Fish House.  It's a small chain that is mostly in California.  Wife had swordfish, daughter a blackened salmon and I had salmon cakes:  it was pretty good but no dish really called out to us.  The swordfish was rather small; the blackened salmon wasn't all that blackened and the salmon cakes were thin on the promised mustard sauce.  I'll go back but will try to look for just plain fish. The fish WAS nice, fresh and well cooked.

Anyway, now we are back in Pahrump and, wonder of wonders, there isn't any news about the DA drinking,  Maybe tomorrow.  So, until tomorrow, have a great day/week.''


Croft said...

I am with your wife. I would have gone for the swordfish! Rare.

JoeinVegas said...

Almost sounds like getting a small high milage car and a hotel room would be cheaper for trips like that.
And yes, getting down a gallon of that disgusting salty liquid is quite a chore, the things we do in old age.
I've been looking for a good fish place in town, unfortunately Kings is about the best. Let me know if you find one.

Dan said...

I love colonoscopies - just kidding. Few things are worse that the effects of consuming mass quantities of salt based laxatives.