Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hot again

First a dog update.  She came through the surgery just fine and seems to be back to her happy self even though she has a six inch scar on her chest and a fair sized hole on her right rear leg.  She's been throwing up though so we aren't totally happy.  The vet thinks it may be a delayed reaction to the drugs she's been given so we are giving her chicken broth & keeping her on the tile!

I've talked of the Senate race here in Nevada.  The Republican candidate is fairly popular out here in the sticks; I saw this sign on the lawn of one of her supporters.  The funny thing I see here is that like her politics, her sign leans to the right.  Honest, this is straight on; I didn't tilt the camera at all!

Her web site here has some interesting stuff on it. Statements like:

On Energy: America must build upon her vast coal and natural gas resources to expand our domestic oil resources.

Now just how does using coal and natural gas resources expand our domestic oil resources? Doesn't make sense to me but it was only a bullet point so maybe she has an idea here that the website didn't make plain.

On Taxation: She sponsored the Angle Property Tax Restraint Initiative (aka Nevada's Prop 13) which placed a hard cap on property tax increases that future Legislatures could not repeal.

I am just basically against laws that 'cannot be repealed'. I prefer more flexibility rather than less in almost everything. We have to pay for all the wonderful government we are getting somehow.

National Security: She supports strong sanctions against rogue nations that export, support or harbor terrorism and believes that we must do whatever necessary to protect America from terrorism.

I'm actually ok with sanctions against nations that harbor terrorists; and I much prefer sanctions to going to war. It is that phrase 'whatever is necessary' that bothers me. Already this anti-terrorist terror has resulted in phone taps that are not approved by a court; incredible bureaucracy; travel restrictions and I don't know what else. Anyone expect these rules to go away soon? I sure don't.

Family Values: Sharron worked to pass the Constitutional Protection of Marriage Act in Nevada, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

I'm just against this. If a religion wants to mandate marriage as between male and female; fine. I don't think it is the business of the U.S. government.

Gotta go. Have a good one!


Unknown said...

Right on. For every candidate, it is all about votes. Getting the one issue voters to vote on one of the candidates talking points is all that is needed to get elected.

Croft said...

Sharon Angle is also the one who runs away from the press when they ask a question she does not like and told the press that she only wants to talk about things SHE wants to talk about. Her recent TV appearance was a disaster. I guess it was a "Brain Fart".

Harry Reid should have nothing to worry about from this tea bagger.

I love American politics. It is so much more interesting than ours here in Canada.

JoeinVegas said...

You didn't mention one reason why I would vote for her. (except that the other guy doesn't seem to be doing much good for us)

Croft said...

Of course I meant Terry Goddard, Sharon Angle's democrat opponent. I see she has announced she will not participate in any more depates. Maybe because she sucks at it?