Friday, September 10, 2010

More quiet times....

It certainly doesn't surprise me that we are having some quiet times these days.  We seem to need quiet times more, the more we have them (if that makes any sense).  Besides the news gives us lots of excitement.

Our local District Attorney Bob Beckett was found "asleep behind the wheel" of his county vehicle.  Here's the local paper version.  When tested both at the scene and later at the station his blood alcohol was almost half again the legally drunk level of .08.  Where was he?  On one of the many streets that has been platted but is just a light coating of gravel going out into the desert.  There is nothing there folks and while I have no idea of where Mr. Beckett lives, you can bet it isn't out there!

In April 2009, he pleaded guilty in California to misdemeanor reckless driving in conjunction to two accidents in the same day; as part of his probation he is not to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in his bloodstream.  I'm waiting for the next episode of this farce. And just to add a certain touch, he was reported by Heidi Fleiss whom you may remember as a famous Hollywood madam. 

Also in local news one of our County Commissioners, Butch Borasky, is having trouble with the Ethics Commission.  Seems he may not have been as out of the construction business as he claimed.  He is awaiting a hearing. 

With all of this you would think I couldn't get past the local news but.....   Well, there is that idiot in Florida who wants to burn a Quran.  Jeez, I know Muslims attacked us on 9/11 but that is no reason to shit all over their entire religion.  I'm an atheist; I think all religions are wrong in their beliefs about God/Allah or whoever.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to go burn Qurans or bibles or any other religious tract.  I believe in live and let live.  Disrespecting another's beliefs IS something I'm against.  And I don't care what weird thing you believe.  It's the American way!

I did manage to read one national headline:  "Obama:  Voter anger could hurt Dems in elections".  OMG, imagine that!  By God (the one I don't believe in), you just can't keep things from that man. 

Have a good one.

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