Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Colorado National Monument

Visited Colorado National Monument.  It's an amazing place.  Didn't care much for the road getting up there but once up there is was lovely.  This is the view from our campground - taken with my cell phone so not the finest photo but.....

The Monument is pretty much what you see here.  It is a huge area of canyons and plateaus and rock formations that is very impressive.  We took a short walk along the rim of one of the canyons.  Here's a bit of the view.

The photo doesn't give any hint of the scale of the place.  We are talking hundreds of feet high.  Many of the rock formations have been named but, come on, I'm not going to remember them!  LOL  The problem was that it was 95F (35C), the altitude was something like 8,000 feet (2,440M).  Taking that walk wasn't the smartest thing to do; the heat was pretty intense.  Happily we are somewhat attuned to warmth so it worked out.  Still, I'd think twice if we were going to do it again.  Doing it earlier in the day would have been much smarter!

We are now stopped in Colorado Springs.  We have friends here to visit and lots of other things to do.  May not spend a lot of time on the net.  Take care & have a good one.

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