Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NOT 'Just Doing It'

Ok, I've been not blogging lately.  No good reason.  Just not. 

Since the first of the year I've lost several blogs that I've been enjoying for years.  For the most part people just stop, for whatever personal reason and don't make any announcement.  I guess it's whatever someone wants to do so if they decide to stop, well, that's up to them.  It DOES bother me a bit.  After you read someone's blog for a few years you feel like you have a friend.  Then when they stop blogging; it's like your friend is gone and you have no way of telling whether they won a million or got arrested or got hit by a truck.  Let's hope I remember this feeling if and when I decide to give up this blog!  LOL

I was looking at the photo at the top of the blog.  It's not like that any more folks!  Snow is almost completely gone even at 11,000 ft (3,350m).  We are 'enjoying' our first triple digit day; it's 103F by our thermometer (that's a hair less than 40C for you logical people).  Our house is pretty well insulated though and the desert cools off in the night.  So we aren't running our a/c and it is a warm but comfortable 83F (28C) her in my den.  If I was doing physical work, it would be too hot.  The 24/7 a/c use is coming up for sure.

Walking the other morning I took a photo of the mountains to our east.  I call this a 'motel' photo since motels in this country always seem to have paintings like this on the walls.  Took the photo with my new DROID X phone so sorry if it isn't up the the quality of the Canon. 

It's Flag Day here in the states.  Heaven only know why we have to have a day to honor the flag but who said we are logical?  I mean we are still talking miles, fahrenheit and ounces!  Still, it's one of the few days I feel like I ought to fly the flag.  Here we go:
I feel strongly about my country.  I'm a proud veteran of the U.S. Army.  It will always be home.  Don't get between me and my rifle.  But don't offer me the loan of your place in Normandy! 

Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

Army? Where did they send you? I did Navy and saw the world (as the ads used to say)

Ed said...


I joined the Army and saw the world!

Louisiana, Indiana, Dominican Republic, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Viet Nam, Japan, Thailand and transited through a lot of places by way or air and water.