Sunday, June 26, 2011

On the road again.....

We left the warm desert last Thursday headed for our summer vacation.  We'd like to be gone for most of the summer but that's just not an option.  This trip should be three weeks to a month; going to visit friends in Colorado Springs then head back home via whatever scenic route we can find. 

For the outbound trip we are just running the Interstate.  I-15 north out of Las Vegas then I-70 to Denver, finally I-25 down to Colorado Springs.  The scenery on I-70 has been just fantastic.  Driving through these canyons with rock as high as the sky on either side of you is amazing.  And this is with a 4 lane Interstate coming through the canyon.  Wow.  I could have taken a picture a mile easily but we are trying to get somewhere.  On the way home we are expecting to travel some of this same road and I'll do more photos then.

For the first time we aren't traveling every day.  We spent our first two nights in Beaver, UT.  Beaver is really kind of a neat little town.  I'm not sure what the population is but I suspect the horse population is about the same!  LOL  People in the town have enough room that they can have their horses in the back yard.  It's cool!  The RV park is kind of rustic but quite nice.  No internet but otherwise a PA full hookup was only $13.  At that rate, it's a bargain.  I cannot recommend their Mexican restaurant though; it was awful!  Here's a photo of our spot in one of the local RV parks.

The park had these little covered picnic tables at each site.  Some of the folks leave their rigs there the year round and had made modifications: like enclosing it, doubling the size, putting in sliding glass doors!  It looked like a great place to escape the pressures of Salt Lake City, for example.

This is coming from the small town of Fruita, Colorado.  Nice little place right off I-70.  Fruita is bigger but it's still a small town.  We will visit the Colorado National Monument before we leave but haven't made it yet.  It's plateau and canyon country; very spectacular I'm sure.  The park here is much more sophisticated and upscale and the price reflects it.  Still, it's going to be 96F (35C) today so we are enjoying the a/c and the shade trees.  Others will enjoy the pool but we are leaving that to the kids. 

Gotta go.  Hope you are having a good one.


Croft said...

We stayed in than same RV Park several years ago and I still remember the Mexican restaurant! Now that you have reminded me, we will have to go back.

JoeinVegas said...

Can't you have horses in your yard?