Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why is Google so F*&^ing Annoying???

Ok, I don't use Chrome - either the browser or the operating system - but when I want to sign in to Blogger; they want be to stay logged in forever.  Grrr! Of course if I wanted to rant I could do so about Microsoft or Apple as well so in the interests of being someone you might want to read, I think I'll just shut up about it all.

I signed up for email from my senator, Harry Reid.  (I'm still getting crap from the idiots in Florida too.)  The FIRST thing I get is an invitation to a conference on the weather; at the trivial cost of $150!!!  Yep, I had to write back telling him he's an idiot.  Completely out of touch with the world as we are living it out here in rural Nevada.  Dumping the entire Congress is sounding better by the minute.  The only problem would be that we would be hiring a new group that we have to pay forever.   Grrr!

We are having what is called a 'gray day' in Seattle.  It's overcast and there are little rain showers here and there.  It's really unusual for the desert. Temp is only about 78F (25C); and that is almost unchanged from last night.  We went to the "Farmer's Market" yesterday and bought a new cactus; it's getting it's first drink of water today.

Since we've been feeding the birds I always feel a little mean when I go outside and scare them all away.  Screwy, I know but I feel sorry for them.  ANYWAY, they got their own back yesterday afternoon.  It was hot, something like 104F (40C), so the birds are all looking for shade just like any sentient being.  Our porch is on the north side of the house so there is some nice shade there.  I go outside and the ten or twelve birds eating at the feeder take off.  Then I go towards another part of the porch and a big flight of another ten or twelve take off.  I'm still moving toward the bbq which is parked over there when three birds took off from just over my head!  Those guys got me!  I know there is a small space up there that is protected from the sun but I sure wasn't expecting any birds to be hiding up there.  I jumped a foot at least.

I'm going to go work in the garage.  It's the first time in days that it is even close to comfortable and I'll get to smell the rain while I'm working.  Have a good one!


Croft said...

That is what happens when Norma walks out except it is deer that scatter instead of birds! Actually, things have changed and we have not really been bothered by deer since the electric fence went in! They must have moved on to easier snacking.

JoeinVegas said...

Was nice with a whole day of rain, plus days with lightning