Friday, October 28, 2011

Breathing just not posting

I'm still breathing, if anyone wonders, but haven't had a lot to post about.  Guess I could blither about the stock market or the Occupy Wall Street story but frankly, I don't give a damn.  So that leaves my personal life and that's pretty dull!  I did go to the doctor today and got the stitches out of my head where they cut out my basal cell but that's the excitement.  Not the stuff great blogging is made of!

We did go to our local Japanese restaurant for lunch today.  (The owner has another place in Cedar City, Utah.)  It's called Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi - a long name for what is a pretty fancy place by Pahrump standards.  My wife was ready for sushi and she got a plate they make up with 5 pieces plus a spicy tuna roll for something like $11.  She liked it and was filled up long before the food was gone.  I should mention that she got miso soup as well.  Personally I'm just kind of amazed that decent sushi can be had here at all!  It's a long swim from the ocean.  I had a chicken teriyaki since I'm not a big sushi fan.  It was a nice thin breast of chicken with warm sauce poured over it.  Sides were white rice, three pieces of a vegie roll and a couple of small spring roll things.  This came with miso soup and a salad.  I thought the soup was rather thin but acceptable and for $6 it was a ton of food!

In local news, the FBI tipped the sheriff off about some local guy who was spending time at child-porn websites.  The sheriff got a warrant and checked him out - now he is facing 5,000 counts of possession of child porn!  Jeez, a charge for every pornographic image?  Don't know but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  Why not just one charge with supporting information?  There must be some legal quibble there but I can't imagine what it might be. 

Then there are the local 18 year old twin girls who got in the news about a month ago for trying to pawn a stolen laptop.  THIS time, they got a couple of dim-witted friends to try to pawn the stolen computer for them.  Duh!  Didn't work the first time, didn't work this time either. 

A couple weeks ago we had the tale of a young man, 20, who was charged charged with statutory sexual seduction for sleeping with a 15 year old female; his ex-girlfriend reported him out of jealousy.  At first the 15 year old denied that anything had happened but changed her story when she learned that he had already confessed.  Along comes the 19 year old man who lives with the  15 year old - yup, he's off to jail as well - charged with statutory sexual seduction of course.  Wonder if the two guys will share a cell as well? 

Don't you see why we just love it here?  Where else could you come up with all these amazing neighbors.  Have a good one!

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Croft said...

Great stuff Don and I like your spin on it!

Our friends in Lakeland, FL took us to a Chinese buffet place that served sushi! All you can eat for $10.95 and the had crab legs as well! Not great crab legs but still... The sushi was delicious and just kept coming