Monday, October 31, 2011

Cool stuff!

A couple months ago my wife found on offer on Groupon that sold you their 45 minute tour for half price; that's $15 each.  We bought them but held off using them until it got cooler.  Like today!  So we hopped up this a.m. and set out for Boulder City, Nevada.  The tour company, Black Canyon River Adventures, has an office in a casino where you can park your car while on the tour.  First the good news, the tour was pretty cool!  This is the short tour and basically you sit in a boat at the bottom of the dam and take photos of the dam & some of the historical stuff that the guide tells you about.  You don't really go more than a couple hundred yards (or meters) but there is a lot of stuff left over from the building of the dam that made our 45 minutes go really quickly.  We all got lots of dam pictures too.  (Jeez, don't let me get started on dam jokes!)

The bad part was that the staff at the casino has the personality of a rock and was just about that helpful.  Our 10:30 tour was called that so everyone would show up for an 11:00 departure.  Isn't that helpful.  Then, of course, the fat slob who was driving our van was 15 minutes late. So we get there a little early for 10:30 then have an hour of sitting around without a word of apology.  Not a very clever group of people running the operation. 

As you can tell, I wasn't particularly inspired in my photography.  Don't know but some days it's too much trouble to take my sun glasses off to see the viewfinder.  The guide was into ornithology and was really loving the birds but he did know a lot about bits and pieces that look mysterious and were really important parts of building the dam.  I'm not too sure I'd recommend it at full price but at half price it was a very good deal.

More tomorrow.  The excitement just keeps growing and growing!

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JoeinVegas said...

What - you guys are doing tourist things around town? I thought you were supposed to drive at least a day to see tourist attractions. Isn't that a law that Enron had passed?