Sunday, October 09, 2011

Quiet Time

My wife and I were talking this morning about how quiet it is where we live.  It is quiet.  It's not unusual to have only a few cars on the road with you.  Of course it does vary with the time of year.  It's getting to be snowbird time and the local RV parks will be full again soon.  That probably doubles the number vehicles on the roads and lots of them are big trucks or motorhomes.  It isn't really warm enough here for dedicated snowbirds but if they like the gambling and the nearness of Vegas, I guess it works.  It is also pretty cheap, RV spots can be found in the sub-$300 a month category.

When we go over to Vegas we are always taken by the rush and the noise and everyone going somewhere at top speed.  We noticed it when we were in San Diego as well, I guess they are even faster over there!  I noticed too our son & daughter-in-law seeking out quiet restful places during their time off.  They have stressful jobs so spending some quiet time wandering around in Balboa Park works for them.  I remember those days when I was living in a small apartment and needing to visit a local park for relaxation or even just being able to feel the grass.  These days all I have to do is look out the window; across the road is open desert; a few houses but not many.  Of course, if I want to see a tree... it's a different story!  LOL  Actually there are lots of trees in the valley.  Every one is irrigated but there are plenty of them.

When I was a kid my parents lived on six acres (2.5 hec.) out in Iowa (middle of the U.S.).  We had various crops that neighboring farmers planted and harvested for us.  They did the work and got half the result for their pay,  I guess it worked out for everyone since it worked that way for years.  But that was REALLY the quiet life!  It could easily be an hour between cars going by on the road.  It was a time before there were a lot of aircraft as well, now you can go outside almost any time and see a plane flying East or West at 30,000 ft. (9,000 m.)  They don't make a lot of noise but there is some in the background.   (Vegas's excellent airport was a selling point for us.  When we want to visit Europe again, it will be easy!)

Is it quiet where you live?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing for you?  Have a good one.


JoeinVegas said...

Might be hard to get that motor home on the plane.

JoeinVegas said...

Here's a good finance one for you