Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I went into town yesterday morning and saw something I've never seen before.  This 18-wheeler had just rounded a corner (at one of our three stop lights) and his trailer came off!  This is him trying to crank the support legs up enough to get it back on the truck.  Can't imagine he was enjoying life about the time I took the photo but since we are at least 60 miles from the nearest place he could come from, I'm thinking he was pretty darn lucky that it happened when he was doing 10 or 15 mph rather than 70!

I'm always kind of fond of CRST trucks since my hometown is just down the road from Cedar Rapids (Iowa).  This isn't the kind of advertising they want though I'm sure!

I went on to Las Vegas for a little shopping - especially booze, it just seems to evaporate in this desert climate.  It's been cloudy all day here but in Vegas there were moments of some spitting rain.  Coming up over the pass there were some really high winds and the rain got heavier then turned to snow.  Brrr.  It reminded me that it's winter.  It made for tiring driving as well having to fight the wind all day but at least I wasn't towing the trailer.  I saw more than a couple people with trailers and they were all going pretty slowly.

Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

Our low humidity seems to just suck the liquids away, even from closed bottles.