Saturday, February 04, 2012

Working around the house

Lots of stuff going on but nothing exciting to anyone but us.  We have been looking for a hot tub but first we needed a place to put it.  For months we've talked about where it should go and finally got a place selected.  We interviewed some contractors and selected one.  This week we got the pad poured.  While we were at it, we got an uncovered patio poured as well.  I was getting up at 05:00 or so to be here when the guys started work.  Boy, if that isn't fun!  Yes, it's still dark but apparently it was ok with them.  The equipment has lights for a reason I guess.  Anyway, now we have our concrete work all completed.  The electrician is coming on Sunday to install power.  Sunday, you say?  Yep, apparently there isn't enough work here to keep him employed so he is going to California to work all week then visits his family and does whatever work comes up here on the weekend.  Well, at least he's keeping it together.  So here's the pad - it is 12x12 ft (4m x 4m give or take).

The other thing we've been doing; doing personally this time, is replacing the toilets in our house with elongated bowl versions.  We've been living with these small round things for too long.  The new ones are more comfortable, quieter and use less water - 1.28 gal (4.8L) per flush.  Not bad, we should have done it years ago.  I'll save you the photographic evidence!

Here is one last photo.  Don't know if you remember but we had to have the cat's fur cut off because he was just so tangled it was impossible to get the mats out.  He's recovered.  This is him sleeping on the couch in the den the other day.  Just part of the 16 year old's everyday ritual.

I also got a new toy:  a Epson V500 Photo scanner.  I'm scanning a bunch of old slides.  Maybe I'll find one or two to share later.  Whatever, have a good day.

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JoeinVegas said...

16 huh? He and Buster could have a sleeping competition, they look about the same curled up like that.

Looks like you have a nicely decorated low water usage yard there.