Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another trip to Vegas!

Friday we had another trip to the big city.  This time Number One Daughter was having a colonoscopy and needed some semi-responsible party to pick her up.  This getting up and driving to Vegas to be somewhere before 09:00 is a lot like having a job.  Jeez. Of course we were happy to do it and since everything turned out well it's happy endings all around.  (Sorry!  That just slipped out.)  Anyway, one time when she was anesthetized she had a tough time coming out of it; this time was just perfect.  In fact, when we got her to her house we got talked into putting some outdoor furniture together for her.  Obviously she was doing just fine.

Of course with al that excitement on Friday, we had to take yesterday off!  Our big accomplishment was to walk around the neighborhood.  It is getting warmer, mid-80's F (29 C), so we like to take our walk earlier in the day.  It looks like the total blight that was on the real estate market around here might be lifting a bit.  There is a house behind us that is receiving a small addition.  There is another that was empty for some time that now has new owners and they are doing a ton of landscaping.  Those are the big jobs but there are also smaller changes; a new fence here, some minor landscaping there.  It is great to hope that the valley might come back to life one of these days.  We have lost our favorite electrician; he was working out of town during the week but his family stayed here.  Now his recorded phone message says he isn't working in the valley any more.  It is all just heartbreaking.

Here is a link to a town in Rhode Island that sounds much like Pahrump.  We have a regular policy in our house not to go to the stores for the first two or three days of the month.  People get their Food Stamp money and you can barely get into the parking lot.  Depressing doesn't begin to cover it.  We have EIGHT local food banks!  And this is supposed to be the richest country in the world.  Bah! 

Gotta go before I depress you all any more.  Have a good one.

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JoeinVegas said...

When will you be putting on that big addition? And a full garage to house the motor home?