Thursday, April 11, 2013

Real excitement!

Yesterday we were just discussing where to go for lunch when my wife got a call from our daughter.  She was out of town on a business trip and her cat-sitter couldn’t get into her house to care for her cats.  In terms of emergencies, it was kind of low key but we have a key to her house so agreed to go in to Las Vegas and open the house for this gal. 

Off to the big city we went being really careful that we were in fact taking the darned key!  So we follow this pickup into the development and right to our daughter’s house.  Turns out she is having some concrete work done and this is the guy who does the work.  He said the power was out to all the exterior outlets.  But he did have the key to the lock to the back yard.  So we start looking for the breaker box.  Oddly, here they put the breaker box outside.  Hmmm.  And it was locked.  This isn’t looking good.

Turns out our daughter was smart enough to get two padlocks that are keyed alike so the back yard key also opens the breaker box.  Unfortunately none of the breakers were tripped.  Hmmm.  So now we are wandering all over the house looking for a tripped GFCI.  It took quite a while but finally, we found it!  Now we finally have power to the outside outlets, the garage door opener started working, all kinds of great stuff.  I didn’t realize how many GFCI’s were used in a modern house – 2 in the kitchen; one in each bath; and one in the garage.  (Huh, the garage?)  Who knows.  Anyway, the one in the garage was the problem.  What a trip!  Anyway we got an unexpected trip to the big city and got to meet some of our daughter’s neighbors.

Today we are just being lazy.  I’m catching up on blog reading and doing a few chores around the house.  I was in Home Depot getting a couple things and some woman, a complete stranger, says “When you get through with your wife’s ‘honey do’ list you can come work on mine.”  Huh?  What’s that all about?  Trust me, lady, I’m not that handy.  All I’m doing is putting up some shelves in the garage. 

That’s all the news that’s fit to print.  Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

You didn't ask what was on her list? Not very adventuresome there, or married a long time.

Did the cat sitter show up?

Don said...

LOL, no not adventursome or particularly handy for that matter!

Yes, the cat sitter did show. She was prompt, very nice and clearly loves cats.