Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Made it!

The Xmas production is over! Everyone ate too much but thankfully didn't drink too much so we had a pretty good time. Presents were exchanged and everyone was polite about what they received. Even the grouch is happy.

This is the day when photos taken yesterday must be exchanged. I did a really lousy job and only had one that I'd share with anyone at all! It's odd. I must need to practice taking more photos in the house because the ones I do take are not turning out well at all. I've got a Canon Powershot S2 IS. It's a wonderful camera but somewhat complicated. Perhaps I've got some setting screwed up. Back to the camera book!

Here's someone with her Xmas present - getting ready for boating! Have a lovely day.


Lee said...

She doesn't look too sure.

Does she realise you are spreading her photo far and wide?

Don said...

Ha! She's downright uncomfortable. Wouldn't even come to me. And, yes, I have her little paw print on a release form. LOL

HLiza said...

Hi Don, I'm struggling with cameras too..most of the time my photos don't come out as I want and I know nothing about photoshop. Glad you guys enjoy Christnas..