Monday, December 31, 2007

More questions & answers

Rant for the day: Bah! It's almost 80 degrees and over 80% humidity today. What happened to winter?

These came from a blog entitled becomingariver. I'm not sure I'm on the same page as this lady but I check out her blog regularly anyway! Did these last night but it was too late to post. Have a Happy New Year, y'all!


Never in my life have I - hurt myself intentionally.

When I am nervous - I perspire.

The last song I listened to was - theme from "Chocolate"

My hair is - going away.

When I was four - I lived in Ohio and met John

Last Christmas - was pretty good - MIL died and I certainly did not miss her.

I should be - in bed.

When I look down I see - the floor I need to fix.

The happiest recent event was - selling an old table.

By this time, next year - I hope to be living on a boat.

My current distress is - disposing of a lifetimes accumulation of "stuff".

I have a hard time understanding - religion; any religion.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell is - my wife.

I want to buy a - boat.

I plan on visiting - Washington, DC

The world could do without - religion.

The most recent thing I bought myself is - does champagne for New Year's count? If not, I don't remember.

The most recent thing that someone else bought for me was - Xmas gifts - shirts, books and scotch.

My middle name is - Chambers - my paternal grandmother's maiden name. I was WAY to embarrassed by it for years. Funny story: I was using my middle name as my password. A friend needed to use my work computer one night & had been told my password but couldn't remember it. Finally he called about 02:00 - he said he tried every possible spelling of "Marilyn" but couldn't figure it out. After I picked myself up off the floor, I managed to choke out the key phrase. (For those of you of tender years, Marilyn Chambers was a famous porn star back in the 70's.)

In the morning I - need to get back into my exercise program.

Last night I was so tired I - slept part of the night in my recliner.

There is this guy I know who - is severely depressed because he recently had to close his business.

If I were an animal - I'd like to be pretty high on the old food chain!

A better name for me would be - éminence grise.

Tomorrow, I am - hoping for a good, productive day.

Tonight, I am - emailing, blogging & on my third (& last) scotch.

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Lee said...

Thanks for the thumbnail sketch.

Best wishes for 2008.