Saturday, December 29, 2007

Questions - and answers

Checking out HLiza's blog she had this question series.

1. I watched a TV programme about plastic surgery recently.
If money is not an issue, would you do it? No; it's not like I scare people and I'm certainly not going to be a movie star!
If yes, which part of your body you'll like to change?

2. I find a lot of women here complaining that their husbands can't stand babies crying and will become crazy if the babies don't stop. What about your spouse? If you're single, do you think you can take it if you have a baby one day? My wife had children before we married so I missed out on the crying baby years. It would be tough to take but we keep reproducing so most people can manage it. Guess I could to.

3. Do you remember how you came to know about me (my blog)? Or did I appear in your blog comments section first? I think I saw you comment on Curate's Egg.

4. Tell me one house chore that you hate the most but have to do it repeatedly. Vacuuming - they aren't tall enough for men to use comfortably.

5. Name one foreign food you'll like to try one day. Well, as long as I can taste it in the country where it originated; turkish coffee in Turkey; jerk chicken in Jamaica; the different varieties of Chinese cuisine; the list is endless!

And just for fun, here' s a photo of someone else in his Xmas present. Unfortunately it didn't fit very well so I've returned it and am looking for one that is longer. Be careful out there.


Lee said...

I reckon you were lucky to get it on the cat the first time - do you think you will manage a second time?

Don said...

Scotchie is a VERY laid back cat. He's twelve but we've only had him for four years. He lets us do anything to him and comes back to be petted in a minute. Taking his photo in the life jacket was easy; he wouldn't move when in it! He just lay there on the couch. After we removed it, he got down on the floor, stretched and lay down again.

When we travel in our RV we make him wear a harness so that if he ever tried to escape we'd have something secure to grab. He doesn't like it much but he will at least walk around in that.

HLiza said...

Hi, thanks for answering them here! I thought men would love any house chores done with gadgets..didn't think about the vacuum size problem! LOL..
Your cat sounds very...mmm..laid back. Our cats can't even stand being powdered..don't dream you can put anything on their bodies.