Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quiet morning

Here in the desert it's a quiet morning; well, except for the cat who decided he needed some human company at 05:00! Bastard! Anyway, after I threw something at him (missed by a mile of course), I was awake so got up. I was rewarded with a lovely pre-sunrise morning. Colors in the sky were wonderful; wonder why my camera doesn't capture that aqua color. It was very quiet with only the sounds of the doves cooing and an occasional rooster crowing. Yes, people have chickens out here!

Met one of the neighbors the other day. That is unusual, mostly they are pretty much loners. Anyway, I only got a glimpse of their backyard but they have: three horses; four or five miniature goats; a few chickens and a dachshund. I imagine there are more of everything but the horses. He seemed a nice enough guy but I've gotta say, you've never seen a finer mullet!

Anyway, to get back to the weather report... sorry to keep on about the weather but it is really fascinating for us to see how things change. We have another three weeks until summer solstice so the sun keeps heating things up earlier and earlier; we were having to close the house up at 10:00 and now it is more like 08:00. The windows on the North side of the house have started getting a little sun in the morning. Most days it is only in the 90's (maybe 33C) but it still gets cool at night and when we wake, having left the windows open, the house is about 72F (22C). Not bad at all!

Had a thunderstorm yesterday! It is the first time we've heard thunder out here. Then we got a rain shower that probably put down a quarter of an inch (half a cm) of rain. Our daughter was driving over at the time and she said the road was completely dry but she could see the cloud over our house. It did cool things down (to the low 70's) for an hour or so. Because of the rock we put in the yard, we could still go outside. If we hadn't, the mud would have made things a total mess.

Have a good day but, remember, be careful, it's dangerous out there!


Lawyer Mom said...

Oh, what I'd give to be in a summer thunderstorm in a desert. (did I spell that correctly?). Hot and cold, sweet and sour, wonderful, wonderful.

And you just keep on taunting us city folk with your magnificent photos. Don, we're coming after you! Stock the fridge.

♥ Braja said...

Early mornings are best, aren't they Don? I love them and always rise early. The birds talk in interesting ways before 5am, and somehow a [decaf] coffee always tastes better :)

♥ Braja said...

btw, Don, have you considered putting up a Subscribers option, or followers? It would make it possible to keep up with you :)