Monday, April 19, 2010

Five things I've never done...

Over at The Art of Panic, I found some lists; this one called to me!

Five things I've never done:

1. Made love with women of different races: when I was young, I wanted to sleep with women of many different nationalities and races. Black, yellow, red; I wanted them all. As it turns out, I've failed miserably at this.

2. Own fantastic cars. We had a BMW 325IS that was indeed fantastic. However, there are no Ferrari's, Rolls, Porsches and the ilk in my background - nor, I expect, in my future!

3. Live on a boat. We had thought we might move onto a boat for a couple of years but the economic times make it unlikely that we could re-sell any boat we purchased so we didn't do it. Do I regret it? Yes. Would I make the same decision again? Yes. We simply can't afford to have the odd $100K or $200K tied up in a boat that we can't sell.

4. Gone to war in Vietnam. This is a strange one. I was an Army 2nd Lt in the early 1970's when almost every 2nd Lt was off to Vietnam as soon as they got their bar. I was assigned to Ft. Bliss, TX and stayed there for my tour of duty. I have a vague sense of guilt that I never went; but, of course, that's silly. When in the Army, you go where you are told & do what you are told. Ft. Bliss was my karma.

5. Used my wife's name in this blog. I haven't shared the fact that I have a blog with her so using her name without her consent is just something I didn't want to do. It's not like it's unusual; probably one of the top 20 European/American names of all time but I just don't want to share it.

Guess that's it. Five things I've never done AND my feelings about it. Have a good one!

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