Monday, April 19, 2010

Long day

Had a long day today; well for us old retired farts it was long! Got up and had coffee, something to eat & all that then hitched the trailer to the truck and headed out to Vegas. The radio in the trailer sounded great except when we attached our iPod; then it sounded just screwed up. The dealer ordered a new radio & we needed to run the trailer over so they could install it.

Dropped the trailer off and went of for lunch and fun. We know almost nothing about Vegas so are planning on visiting as many casinos as we can. Today was the Cannery on Boulder Highway. MANY years ago we visited my wife's mom in Bullhead City, AZ. You'd get there by flying into Vegas and going south to Bullhead. Way out on the edge of town you'd see Sam's Town Casino. Now it's just another property on the Boulder Highway and the Cannery is somewhat south of it.

It was a nice enough place but nothing outstanding in our eyes. They did have a restaurant that had a $10 prime rib dinner - we might try that sometime. It's a small cut (I think 12 oz.) but who needs more than that? Being the big gamblers that we are; we each put $1 in a video poker machine. My wife lost hers; I was a big hero though and made $.30. Life in the fast lane!!!

Picked up the trailer, complete with new radio. Haven't tried it yet, like a couple of tree-stumps we didn't remember to bring the darned iPod! Anyway, brought the trailer home & parked it next to the house. Didn't get in the house until 16:45. We are talking about taking it over to Vegas in a few days to stay and see some of the sights and test out all the fixes that the dealer has made. Why live near Vegas and not visit? The trip was ok; wind is forecast for us tomorrow but we had plenty coming over the pass today. I always slow down in windy conditions; if you are going to get knocked around you have SOOOO much more time to respond. A couple of times I was very glad for our heavy pickup. Be safe!

"It never occurs to fools that merit and good fortune are closely united." Goethe

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