Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unsolicited Testimonial

As I wrote in an earlier blog, we had a problem with the slideout in our trailer; a protruding bolt caught on the floor and ripped up the linoleum.  We took it back to our dealer, Johnnie Walker RV, they took photos of the damage and contacted the maker, Heartland.  Heartland sent new flooring and Johnnie Walker's folks installed it.  I have to say it looks great!  They sent the right stuff and the dealer's service department did a great job. 

You might think that's not so tough but remember, rv's are built from the bottom up.  First they build a platform then they lay the flooring and last they build all the walls, closets & everything.  This means that to replace the linoleum they had to carefully cut it to fit WITHIN all those walls & closets.  They even had to remove and replace the toilet (couldn't really trim around it).  Then they had to trim around about 75% of the trailer to make it look finished. And they had to remove the little carpet we have so the linoleum would be under that.  They did a great job.  They offered to give us carpet instead, carpet is much more forgiving to install, but we wanted the linoleum for the ease of cleaning.  Honestly, both the company and the dealer did everything they could to make the customer happy.  I don't find that everywhere I look!

Now we have to reload everything back into the rig.  That should be a full day's work but leaving the stuff in there while all the work was being done didn't seem very wise.  We would have had sawdust everywhere!

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