Friday, January 07, 2011


Ordinarily I post photos of the mountains to the east of our house.  That's where Mt. Charleston, the local big guy, is located.  However we have mountains on the west as well.  These are called the Nopah Range.  'Pah' is supposed to be a word meaning water and it certainly seems as though the range is well named.  If you kind of skirt around the mountains you soon find yourself in Death Valley.  We all know it's pretty dry there!  The recent snow did manage to hit the Nopah Range though making them beautiful as well as dramatic.  This photo was taken just before the sun came up.

Guess I'm as fascinated by the snow as anyone!

Today is ham and bean soup day.  I froze the bone from the Christmas ham and today it will fulfill it's destiny and add it's flavor to some yummy soup.  The recipe is basically the one in "The Joy of Cooking" that my mom and dad gave me for my 21st birthday.  The only real change is that I use a whole pound of beans; the recipe only calls for a cup or so.  At Christmas I never work too hard at getting the ham off the bone so there is plenty of meat too.  Hmmm, I'm making myself hungry!  It must be time to quit fooling around on the computer and get to work.

Have a good one!

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