Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Quiet Day

Today has been a pretty quiet day.  We did get out for a walk but had to stick to the streets, the desert is still muddy from the snow.  The ground here has a layer of clay and just does not allow water to drain away. 

I did make the ham & bean soup on Friday; it was good too!  I have a nice immersion blender to use to thicken it but I almost always forget to blend it before adding the ham.  Using the blender on the ham shreds it and I don't like that so I end up not blending the soup.  It's still ok.  Today I made beef jerky.  All you do is cut the meat up, marinate it over night then put it on the dehydrator for a few hours.  Having it around cuts down on the amount of sweets that we eat.  It's not as healthy as eating a carrot but you do what you can do.

Earlier I went out and updated my Facebook page.  I just really don't understand Facebook.  I've made contact with a few people from my school days but otherwise I don't use it much.  Maybe I'm just not much of a networking kind of guy.  Or maybe I'm just an old goat!  It's kind of interesting, when I was working I was using all the new technologies that were available.  Now that I'm retired and have less need for technology, I have a voice-only cell phone, no iPad, no iPod, no Kindle, no text plan, no Twitter, no computer games; I'm practically a Luddite.  I'm not even sure I got the RSS feed to work for this blog.  My wife and I are talking about getting smartphones when our current cell plan runs out but it's just a reaction to feeling left behind by the world.  It's not a 'need'.  What about you?  What kind of phone do you have?  Do you like it?  Use it?


JoeinVegas said...

iPhone - text some friends, but email photos back and forth to my wife. Several aps, I like suduku, something to do while waiting. Lots of aps for granddaughter (she runs it better than I do). Also use it for notes, good contact list and calender. But you pay for a data plan

Ed said...

TracFone only, use it as a Pay Phone since they are now almost museum pieces and keep it turned off most of the time.
If you were to ask me what the telephone number was I would have to look it up.

I too am a Luddite for the most part and a semi-recluse for the rest.