Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Blogging from Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas.  We bought out truck from these folks and I like returning to the selling dealer for service.  Besides, it's the closest Ford dealer.  It's time for an oil change so here I sit.  Later I'll get to do a few errands.  Life in the fast lane!

It's really kind of fun; this is my first laptop (no bleeding edge for me!) so sitting here sucking on their wifi is new for me.  This Toshiba is certainly a lap-full though.  Heavy too, I see why notebooks are popular.  Yes, maybe someday I'll learn about smartphones; or maybe not. 

I asked Lee, who was a food chemist, about an email I got claiming the onions were bacteria magnets.  His answer was pretty funny.  I knew the idea was silly but he really went into detail pointing out HOW silly.  Smart guy!  I've always liked associating with smart people; I figure that maybe I'll be mistaken for one.

Have a good one.

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