Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost Seattle

We have a day today that reminds one of Seattle in the winter.  It's gray, I can't see the mountains even.  We used to see Mt. Rainier from our house; I remember one time our daughter visited for a whole month and she never got to see the mountain.  I don't think this is going to stick around that long but it does bring back memories!  Don't get me wrong, I love Seattle.  I lived in the Pacific Northwest for about 17 years.  I remember the billboard someone put up when Boeing was in a severe downturn:  "Will the last person leaving Seattle please put out the lights."  Today it's a beautiful and vibrant city; but it certainly has it's 'gray days' in winter.

This morning I opened the blinds that open onto the patio to find a group of doves.  Apparently they prefer cold concrete to being wet.  Of course having the bird buffet about ten feet away probably aided in their decision.  Here's a shot of some other guys waiting for the buffet.

It actually reminds me of people just waiting for an opening.  My wife won't go to Outback Steakhouse any more because we went there once and people were standing around in the parking lot waiting for a table.  I've heard more than one ex-GI refuse to stand in line because they did a lifetime's worth of that in the service.  I can't imagine waiting in line to get into a dance club or somewhere.  It's just not in my DNA!  Anyone else have that feeling?  Do you know the origin of your distaste for waiting in line?  How did it happen.  Inquiring minds want to know!


Croft said...

Here in Florida it is almost impossible to find a popular restaurant without a lineup. The other night we were taking our friends for dinner and drove past the Red Lobster after seeing the long line. Next was the Olive Garden with an even longer lineup. We finally found a Texas Steakhouse with no line but it was very expensive at $240 for four people. Yes, there was wine and appetizers involved.

Croft said...

IHOP on a Sunday morning? Forget about it!

Wandrin said...

Standing in line to eat! It's not going to happen in my life. Standing in line at check out counters is bad enough. The upside at grocery stores is the reading entertainment in the headlines of the "Inquirer" type rags.

JoeinVegas said...

No problem with lines - I complain, but still wait. I'd rather a place be popular and stay in business then always have an empty table waiting for me, until they fold.

Dan said...

I used to visit Seattle twice a month on business. It was almost a year before I saw the sun and the sky in Seattle.

I am the founder of the j effect. Whenever I arrive, the line forms behind me. It's all a matter of timing. {*grin*}