Friday, February 11, 2011

Tragedy in Pahrump

We had a true tragedy in our little town Wednesday morning, a young woman and three children (all under 6) perished in a fire.  The story is here.  Somehow the mother escaped the fire; the young woman was on the phone with the 911 operator when she died.  There are so many questions but I guess what I'm really left with is just how terrible it is that these young people lost their lives. 

In happier news, we had a bank robbery!  Want to see the suspect?  Here.  Will wonders never cease!  And, no, I was nowhere near that bank today.  LOL

Over in Vegas they had a bit of a scare when an aircraft leaving Nellis AFB had an engine problem and had to drop it's two 500lb bombs rather closer to the city than usual.  I'm glad they have a place designated to drop them and that the pilot was able to get there!  They have something else to celebrate:  no one has been killed in 20 days!  Darn, we might lose that 'sin city' tag. 

Gotta go.  Stay out of trouble!

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Dan said...

Fires are always tragic - the victims are seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Out here we see one murder every 10 years or so - usually crimes of passion. So the sin city moniker is safe in your hands. {*grin*}