Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Taking a drive

I like my little town and often take a ride around town in the afternoon.  There are all kinds of people living here; some very nice houses, lots of manufactured homes, plenty of mobile homes and lots of shacks.  A couple blocks from our home there is a nice house with an old mobile home in the back yard that is used as a stable for the people's horses!  Folks out here can be pretty creative. 

There are also a lot of empty homes; lots and lots of foreclosures.  There just isn't much work here so people have to travel to Las Vegas to earn their living.  It's tough.  We've lived here two years; this photo is of a house that has been just sitting all that time.  It is probably 75% finished; paint it and put some doors and carpet in and it would be complete.  Instead it just sits empty and unusable.  What a waste!

It's a big house with a carport and a two car garage.  The windows are in; the tile roof is almost finished.  Someone's dream died here.  It's just sad.  There isn't even a real estate sign; I suppose some bank owns it and just hasn't bothered to list it.  With all the other houses on the market, it wouldn't pay them to finish it. 

Sorry to be so negative today.  I'll find something good to cook tomorrow and that will put me in a better mood!  Take care.

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JoeinVegas said...

Maybe you can start buying up places and finished them - only if you can afford to hold them for years until things pick up.