Monday, February 14, 2011


My previous post about the tragic fire has taken yet another turn.  Apparently one of the children who died in the fire had already set several fires inside the house that were not reported to either the fire service or the sheriff.  The mother has been arrested for manslaughter, child abuse and neglect.  Her lighter was not found in her purse where it should have been.  What a total waste.

To turn to a more positive thought; here are a couple photos from the San Diego zoo.  It's an amazing place.  We've been three or four times and I still haven't seen more that about a third of it.  This first character was definitely interested is staying on the nest!

The second seemed like a lonely and bored character; a lone wombat having a nap.

I think I'll go for a hike.  Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

It is a nice zoo