Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All fouled up - as usual!

All my plans for the week have pretty much gone south; like that's something new.  But we'll get there I just feel it.  Monday we thought we'd go into Las Vegas but it was windy & ugly so we said why bother.  The only thing I really managed was to go to Home Depot and buy some more charcoal just in case I get the desire to smoke something.  I paid with my credit card and walked out to the car.  By the time I got there my cell phone was ringing; it was the credit card company!  They wanted to know if I'd just bought something at Home Depot then asked about a purchase from Shopcoonline - nope.  Turns out our credit card number is being used fraudulently.  The credit card companies have certainly gotten better at detecting fraud and I'm really happy about that!  Anyway, we cancelled the card and will get another in a couple days. 

Tuesday we took the trailer to our local RV sales/repair place.  That afternoon I got a call saying that we needed new leaf springs and two new tires - $1200 worth!  No, I'm not buying that.  It seems to me that there must be something about that one wheel.  So this morning we went over again and picked up the trailer.  I must say that the manager was fair; he said all they did was a visual inspection so there was no charge.  Next I called the dealer we bought the trailer from, Johnnie Walker in Las Vegas.  I no more had 'only one tire' out of my mouth and the service manager said 'you've got a bad spindle'.  Now that makes some sense to me so tomorrow, Thursday, we are towing the trailer to Las Vegas for repair.  The funny thing is that the RV dealer can't handle this work; they sent us on to someone else.  The young woman on the phone said the repair should take only a couple of hours.  Now that's sounding good.  Hopefully I'll be able to report a good experience.  We'll see.

Pahrump has moved into the summer a bit before Memorial Day.  We are in triple digits most afternoons (38+C) and only about 70F (21C) at night.  The local radio station has a contest for the first day that we are in triple digits for most of the day - like noon on.  It hasn't happened yet but should be in a few days.  It almost makes me happy to be inside scanning photos!  Almost.

I'm scanning photos that are in albums now.  One of the first albums I found is of our 1993 trip to Europe.  Jeez, next year that will be 20 years ago!  This album used some kind of fancy sticky pages with a clear plastic cover over the photos.  It was never meant to be left untouched for 20 years because getting the photos out is a real bear.  The plastic sticks to the page and the photo is very difficult to remove; it takes me longer to get a photo out than to scan one.  Grrrr.  I've scanned about 40 photos and estimate that I'm about a fifth of the way through the album.  I also found the notebook containing a sort of trip log.  It's kind of fun re-living our trip.  Here's a photo of a castle on the Rhine.  We were pretty fascinated by the whole castle thing & took way too many photos of them!
Y'all have a good day now.  Take care.

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