Friday, May 25, 2012

Trailer repair - part 2

We left the house at 07:00 to get to our 09:00 appointment in Las Vegas.  Turns out we were about 20 minutes early but they are repairing the road to Vegas and we could easily have been held up.  I liked the guy who did the work right off; he came out as soon as he saw us and asked that we position the trailer so he could more easily move it.  These days having someone come out to your vehicle is rare!  He took one look at the worn tire and said we needed an alignment.  Heck, I didn't realize you could align tires on a trailer!  He also suggested that we have him put the spare on and use worn tire as a spare.  Better and better.  So leaving the trailer, we went to do errands. 

My phone rang about an hour later; trailer is done.  In addition to the alignment and tire swap he had discovered that the bearings need to be re-packed so he did that.  Cool.  And the $200 he charged was $1000 less than estimated by the guy here in town who was going to fix something that isn't broken.  We will be going back to Arrow Frame and Alignment; I just love it when people know what they are doing.  So now the trailer should be good to go.  We have fancy aluminum wheels on the trailer and the spare is just steel so I'll be visiting a local tire shop to get them to swap the tires but that's nothing much. 

While standing in the guys lot I happened to look at one of the tires on the truck.  Hmmm. There staring me in the face was a screw imbedded in the tire.  Grrrr!  I haven't taken it out yet but at least if it goes flat I'll be at home.  Hopefully this will get all the trouble with the truck and trailer out of the way for a bit.  We are planning on a couple trips later in the summer and it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if they were mechanically uneventful.

I was in Walmart today and saw a 70" (178cm) Sharp LED tv for $2498.  What in the world?  How can they be so cheap?  Yeah, I know, my wife is going to want one but honestly, that is just amazing.  I wonder what's coming in next week, a 10 foot (3m) tv?  If Walmart has stuff like that, what would an electronics store have? 

Here's to an amazing electronic world.  Have a good one!

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