Sunday, May 06, 2012

Scanner update and Guilty Pleasures

I'm still scanning; though it is getting less fun by the minute!  I did discover that I can scan negatives and get a decent image though it really helps if the negative is in good condition.  Some of the negatives I tried had been wrapped with a rubber band and getting them straightened out was a major pain. Still, it worked finally!  The film carrier is made of plastic and I doubt if it would last very long if I were doing hundreds of photos.  It's the same carrier used for slides but the slide portion is just holding the slide in position where the film strip portion is controlling the strip and holding it straight and flat. 

I must say there are things I miss about film.  I may have to get the old Nikon out one of these days and see if it powers up.  Here's a photo I took that I don't think I can recreate now.  (Of course I could do it on the computer but that's a different sort of thing!)

I was thinking this morning about Guilty Pleasures.  You know, things that you enjoy that you feel kind of silly about liking.  My wife and I both love slapstick so one of our Guilty Pleasures is the long running tv show "America's Funniest Videos".  Another Pleasure that is mine alone is a web site where people (mostly men) display what they carry in their pockets every day:  it's called EDC for Every Day Carry.  I take it mostly with a large grain of salt because I don't see a lot of people typically carrying around a $400 pocket knife or watch; much less a gun!  But it's still fun.  It has influenced me I must admit.  I bought a small LED flashlight (at Walmart for $3!) that takes a single AAA battery and added that to my load.  I'm really surprised how much I use the darn thing.  Now having seen the story about the baseball usher who saved some children from attacking dogs, I'm considering carrying a locking pocket knife.  My old Swiss Army knife is great and I wouldn't be without it but a locking blade would make a big difference if it was to be used as a weapon.

Speaking of things that are sliced up (what a segue!), it must be time for an update on our dog's surgeries.  Three of her cuts are doing really well but the wound on her chest is still looking pretty nasty and Monday is the three week anniversary of the surgery.  We are giving her keflex under the vet's prescription to treat infection but may be back to the vet to see if there isn't more that we can do.  I must say it felt rather silly to go the the pharmacy for something for the dog. 

Well, time for me to go do something even if it is wrong.  I'm making some shelves for the garage and you wouldn't believe how many hours I have wasted already and they aren't done.  Have a good one!

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Croft said...

But Don, you have the satisfaction of knowing you "did it (the shelves) yourself"!

Try looking up the film carrier on eBay. You will probably find one there.