Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Vegas

My wife and I hit Las Vegas again on Tuesday on a slightly unusual quest - SHE wanted to do some shopping.  Now, most guys won't believe this, but my wife and daughter don't like to shop.  Yeah, I know it's tough to believe but it's true.  My personal belief is that they think things should just be brought to them so they are insulted by the need to look for stuff.  Anyway, they wanted to go shopping.  I got to come along.  And what did I do?  I went shopping.  Duh!

After dropping my wife off at the daughter's house, I went to the Man Cave Place:  Harbor Freight.  It really is a hoot to go into that place.  There are all these guys going around looking at every item thinking 'what does that do' or 'what could I make with that'.  We really are like kids in a toy store.  It's funny; and I have to admit that I'm as bad as anyone.  Yes, I walked up and down every aisle.  I had received a flyer from them and had a couple of coupons for things I wanted.  As it happens I bought ONE item that I hadn't planned on buying:  a pair of tweezers with a magnifying glass attached.  We'll see how that works out but old age and far-sightedness makes me appreciate magnification! 

One thing I knew I wanted was a solar powered pump to make the bird bath into a sprinkling bath.  I've read that the still water can harbor various nasties that make the birds ill.  Regardless of the truth of that, I thought having a little fountain out there would be cool.  So for $17 I got this little pump.  I've got to say, it's cool!  I've never done anything with solar except some yard lights.  This thing is so amazing.  If you cover maybe a tenth of the surface of the solar cell, it stops immediately.  When you let the sun hit it again, it's on.  Cool!  Yeah, I know, every rv-er worth their salt has solar but we don't so this is all new to me.  (Have towed our trailers over 60K miles though (>96,000 km)).  Of course the spray pattern is wrong so most of the water is being sprayed out on the rocks.  After filling the bath three times in about two hours, I brought the darned pump in!  Maybe we'll find another bird bath!  Maybe I can go back to Harbor Freight and look!

So here's proof:  see the water on the rocks on the left, I'm an idiot.  Have a good one and don't hurt yourself laughing at me.

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