Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Body Language

There have been tons of books written on body language but I just need to add my 2 cents worth. This is three comments on body language from the over 50 perspective.

My wife tells me that young guys don't look at her any more. (She's mid-fifties & looks good, she's well preserved but, yes, well over forty-five.) I tell her that all us older guys certainly do look at her. And, of course, I get this look that says, better than words, "Don, I love you but you are a total idiot. I don't give a shit about you old guys." Hmmmm. Is this one of those lose-lose discussions?

I went out to lunch with a male friend who happens to be about 2 weeks older than I. He's a good looking guy but I never really thought he was vain until he remarks "Did you notice? The girls don't look at us any more." Shit! That is definitely a lose-lose question.

I was in the grocery store today. I've been doing the shopping for us since we got together 25 years ago so I'm familiar with the environment. As I was leaving there was a woman, a fiftyish woman, entering. She was wearing a shirt with a reasonably scooped neck; and she bent over the cart displaying her lovely cleavage! Now, damn! Twenty years ago many women managed this little display for me but it's been a very long time since I've been so honored. Don't know who the woman was or why she did it but I certainly thank her for making my day.

A compliment is a compliment whether in words or gestures. Hope you all got a compliment today.

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Lee said...

The problem is that my brain doesn't age. From inside looking out, the girls look delightful. But from their perspective, I look what I am, 51.