Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Screwy Florida Days

Yesterday was a screwy day. Made breakfast then got smashed drinking and talking mostly about the late mother-in-law. Took a nap then got up and made lentil soup. But rather than eating it, we went out & had Italian. Came home, walked the dog, & stayed up until 02:00 reading. It was definitely a full moon day and night! And to top it all off, it was 39 degrees when I got up this a.m. - brrrr.

My wife is having a LOT of trouble getting over the death of her mother. And I seem to be unable to help her with it. She seems to be unable to escape either talking about her or at least thinking of her. It has been almost a month and it's driving me crazy. SOON we will finish cleaning out her place then we can paint it and get it on the market. Then, maybe, we can go on with life. Hope! Hope! Hope!

Have a good day. It being St. Valentine's Day; someone should kiss a frog. Maybe you'll get a prince/princess. Good luck!


Helene said...

Its been 6 months since my mom died... (an ugly battle with lung cancer). I am a train wreck still. I am barely functioning and honestly begun seeing a shrink and taking anti-depressants to help.

You have no way of knowing that I am a very confident and selfsufficient person... always in control... Top of my game... Now, I am totally lost and not sure how to come out of this period in my life (My brother killed himself in June my father in law died suddenly in July and Mom in Aug)... I tell you this because your wife may have MONTHS to go before she will be better... If you think about the loss as being equivalent to losing a limb,(I do believe it is almost like that...) it would take you more than a month to work through the changes it has caused in your life. I think it is the same for the death of a parent. Blogging helps a lot. I have a private (whinning blog) and a public blog. I figure you all can choose to read or not... my spouse doesnt need to keep hearing me complain of the same things over and over... It is a stressful time for the entire family... kids included.

Good luck!! Really!! K

Cinnamon said...

Hey Don,

Sorry she's having such a hard time. My own mom, when my grandmother died, it took her years to get back to "normal" after the loss.

Kiss a frog, eh? LOL At this point, I just might.

priest said...
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