Monday, February 06, 2006

Quiet Times

Just got finished reading Cinn's post about the Friday from Hell and it reminded me again how glad I am that the kids are out of the house! Cinn has a special handful but all children have those days when they just really want to torture their parents. Even when they are grown up. Best of luck Cinn!

Made Baked Ziti last night. Cook ziti. Spice up a jar of pasta sauce with hamburger, sausage, etc. Layer the ziti, mozzarella, ricotta, and sauce until you fill your largest casserole and bake for 40 minutes. Yum! Only problems are that it takes forever to put together and you have enough to feed a small army. Fortunately it freezes well.

We are off on a trip today to visit relatives who live about 70 miles north of here. We keep our trailer on their property and like to visit them and it occasionally. We usually take them out to dinner to repay their kindness in letting us keep the trailer there. We also perform computer maintenance for them which is the object of this visit. Something has happened to their Outlook Express. Most likely it needs to be deleted and reloaded. Like most Microsoft code; it sucks.

Once in a long while I wonder what would have happened in my life had I joined MS. I got a Comp Sci degree in 1978 from Western Washington in Bellingham, just 90 miles north of Bellevue. Going down there and signing on would certainly have changed my direction. I didn't even try though so we'll never know. Reading 'Five People You Meet In Heaven' was an interesting take on that idea of how our lives are interrelated. And since I met my wife while working in Seattle, we wouldn't have met if I'd been elsewhere, and that would be a sad thing.

Gotta go; have a good day and a good week.

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priest said...

The last point you make is interesting, "what would have happened if?"...

I too wonder. I wonder where i would be now if i had gone to Cambridge University to study economics and politics, rather than switching at the last minute to go to Cardiff to study Theology. Or i wonder where i would be if I had been ordained rather than working in garbage.
Peace lets you look back and see you made the right choices. I guess when i find some, i will know.