Friday, February 03, 2006


Thanks to Cinn the meme is:

the IMperfect partner meme. Or "Let's Get Real!" List 5 imperfections that you find annoying but could or have learned to live with. These are NOT deal breakers but they are irritating and annoying. But if your 8 perfect characteristics were met, you could learn to put up with these. Pass this on to 5 people. Preferably those with impossibly high standards.

Well, I'm not going to pass this on; just don't know that many people! However, I can be as picky as anyone. Here goes:

1. Some people HAVE to get in the last word. Even at the cost of yelling something at you from the next room as you or they leave. Bah!

2. Some people seem incapable of putting things away.

3. If I wanted your opinion, I'd ask. Can you possibly shut up? I'm not talking about discussions, I'm talking about offering an opinion on things that are none of your business when you aren't even involved in the conversation.

4. White people who use Black expressions (should be widened to include all who use expressions that belong to other groups): women calling one another 'Sister'; guys calling one another 'homey'; etc.

5. The inability to exist in a quiet environment. Some people have to have the tv on; radio on; have someone to talk to; etc. all of the time. I like some tv; I play the radio & CDs; I like conversation but sometimes it is nice to sit quietly and read or think or just be.

BTW, since I am married, my wife certainly has some of the above traits (not all, thank goodness). I wouldn't be annoyed about them if she didn't. I mean, would I care if Cinn played the tv all day?


Not a quiet day in the neighborhood. It was 78 and sunny yesterday. A heavy shower, formed by a cold front coming in, got stalled above the area. There are estimates that some parts of St Pete got 12 inches of rain today and it isn't over! In our neighborhood it is probably more like 5 or 6 but still it's a heck of a lot of rain.

Made what I call Fried Rice for lunch. Not the real thing for sure but we like it and it got rid of the chicken breast that was bothering me!

Diced chicken breast marinated in soy sauce & vermouth, rice, sliced mushroom, green onion & 6 or 8 cloves of garlic. Haven't made it in a long time & got the proportions AFU but it was still ok. Next time; more mushroom & green onion.

Have a good one!

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